Food as Medicine:

There is no question that the start of becoming and maintaining your health is all about the fuel that you use daily, ie. FOOD.

Many of us were not afforded the luxury of being taught how to cook with great taste, textures and healthy products. As a physician I constantly face the challenge of how to teach people the basics of feeding their body. That’s why its so important to to get the basics and make cooking an enjoyable and tasty experience daily. 

How about a 7 day free experience of great taste ?

Enter Rouxbe, a set of really well done courses that bring you the necessary information in a digestable format (I know pun intended) that get you moving towards good eats for every meal. Who are these folks ? Rouxbe (“ROO-bee”) started in 2005, and are now the the world’s leading online culinary school, training people of all abilities to become better, more confident – even healthier – cooks in kitchens around the world. With over 300,000 students worldwide, they train home cooks, culinary students, professional cooks, health coaches, nutritionists and everyone in between.

So regardless of your abilities today you can cook well and become an excellent cook, affordably.

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Learn to Cook for Free !