Brain function and decline are associated with Vitamin D levels

by Dr. Alan Kadish

One of the newest findings in the expanding role of vitamin d, indicates that adequate vitamin D levels  decrease our decline in cognitive function as we age. Basically getting old has it’s effects on memory and brain function for us all. To lose less of your brain power requires optimal vitamin d.

This report on the low levels of vitamin commonly found in older adults is my finding in the clinic regularly. We need to consider that this very low toxicity vitamin, when used appropriately, is a major modulator of so many functions. We check our patients levels regularly and especially during the winter months when going outside and the sun’s exposure is limited.

Time for a check of both your cognitive functions and vitamin d levels ?  We use a computerized accurate measure of your brain “power” which is a game like affair. The findings can serve as an excellent means of knowing if you should be taking a more active approach to keeping your brain sharp or if you’re doing really well and some maintenance is all that’s needed.

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Predicting Cognitive “D”ecline

Posted on Nov. 12, 2015, 6 a.m. in Brain and Mental Performance Vitamins

Low vitamin D status is linked to faster rates of cognitive decline

A number of previous studies suggest that Vitamin D deficiency associates with brain structural abnormalities and cognitive impairments.  Joshua Miller, from the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (New Jersey, USA), and colleagues studied 382 men and women, in their 60s to 90s, residing in an outpatient clinic, assessing them for vitamin D levels and cognition once a year for an average of five years.  The study included people with normal cognition, mild cognitive loss, and dementia. The group was racially and ethnically diverse, including whites, African Americans and Hispanics.  Most (61%) had low vitamin D levels in their blood.  While observing that 70% of the African-Americans and Hispanics in the study had low blood levels of vitamin D, the team found no difference in the rates of cognitive decline based solely on racial or ethnic lines, reporting that: “Low VitD status was associated with accelerated decline in cognitive function domains in ethnically diverse older adults, including African American and Hispanic individuals who exhibited a high prevalence of VitD insufficiency or deficiency.”

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