The old adage of if you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail is not the case for Naturopathic practice when considering Dr. Kadish and the Center.

One of the most cost and health effective aspects of Naturopathic medicine, specifically at the Center, is the extensive training and opportunity to use a broad variety of therapies and diagnostic tools.

Unlike our allopathic colleagues, (MD/DO’s) we were taught to use a full spectrum of every tool known to be helpful in medical conditions.

This means that our training and therapies includes the use of nutrition, supplements, physical therapy, homeopathy, botanical (herbal) medicine, exercise, chinese medicine and counseling, along with the conventional approaches to medical care, including surgery and prescription medications.

The key is to find the best fit for both diagnostic tools and therapies specific for each of our patients, without judgement. This affords you the opportunity to have your desires met in the most cost and time sensitive manner, while being well informing of your options.

Dr. Kadish has a long history of being a consultant to medical equipment manufacturers and utilizes a broad array of tools to treat and diagnose, many years before common utilization by medical professionals. Often times we are afforded the opportunity to utilize an FDA approved device, ahead of commercial release.

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Alan Kadish

Dr. Kadish is an unusual physician often referred to as a “doctor detective”. His expertise is the evaluation and treatment of complex disorders, typically after other physicians and clinics have been stumped, is renowned. He provides care for all family members and has additional training in autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and chronic complex diseases (focused on autoimmune and neurological conditions). If your wanting or needing some answers for your health issues call us at the Center of Health, 541.773.3191 .