The safety record for naturopathic medicine is excellent. Utilizing the approach towards finding of cause of the disease creates a much lessened need for invasive or aggressive treatments. This minimizes the need for the high risk use of many prescriptions or surgical procedures. Side effects are rare and Naturopathic physicians are knowledgeable regarding contraindications when using naturopathic therapies and conventional medicines.

Naturopathic physicians are trained to recognize conditions which are outside their scope of practice and to refer to other health practitioners when appropriate. We utilize a wide range of support practitioners to bring you the complete services you need.

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Alan Kadish

Dr. Kadish is an unusual physician often referred to as a “doctor detective”. His expertise is the evaluation and treatment of complex disorders, typically after other physicians and clinics have been stumped, is renowned. He provides care for all family members and has additional training in autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and chronic complex diseases (focused on autoimmune and neurological conditions). If your wanting or needing some answers for your health issues call us at the Center of Health, 541.773.3191 .