In our profession we firmly believe that one needs to maintain an overall view of health and not focus exclusively in one area. However, we all have our preferences towards certain diseases and treatment modalities.

Dependent in what state your licensed, you may be able have your specialized training recognized. Dr. Kadish has chosen to expand his area of focus to embrace the difficult and complex diseases, including Autistic Spectrum Disorder, autoimmune and neurological disorders and become trained in many cutting edge technologies. He has participated in continuing education spanning more than 30 years focused on these areas of interest. Many of the trainings are recognized as a specialty including as an example, autism spectrum disorder, chelation therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He has also been additionally trained in advanced surgical procedures, with an emphasis on stem cell and regenerative injection techniques, by multiple conventional physicians, both in the states and overseas.

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Alan Kadish

Dr. Kadish is an unusual physician often referred to as a “doctor detective”. His expertise is the evaluation and treatment of complex disorders, typically after other physicians and clinics have been stumped, is renowned. He provides care for all family members and has additional training in autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and chronic complex diseases (focused on autoimmune and neurological conditions). If your wanting or needing some answers for your health issues call us at the Center of Health, 541.773.3191 .