How is Naturopathic Medicine Different:

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The key difference is the philosophy and the basic tenants. These six principles guide the profession and indeed they are radically different than conventional medicine, in their scope and intent. I think you will agree these principles are based on common sense and should be the basis of all good medical care. 1. First Do [...]

Do Naturopathic physicians specialize:

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In our profession we firmly believe that one needs to maintain an overall view of health and not focus exclusively in one area. However, we all have our preferences towards certain diseases and treatment modalities. Dependent in what state your licensed, you may be able have your specialized training recognized. Dr. Kadish has chosen to [...]

What is the scope of practice for Naturopathic physicians:

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The old adage of if you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail is not the case for Naturopathic practice when considering Dr. Kadish and the Center. One of the most cost and health effective aspects of Naturopathic medicine, specifically at the Center, is the extensive training and opportunity to use a broad [...]

Safety of the Naturopathic Approach to Medicine:

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The safety record for naturopathic medicine is excellent. Utilizing the approach towards finding of cause of the disease creates a much lessened need for invasive or aggressive treatments. This minimizes the need for the high risk use of many prescriptions or surgical procedures. Side effects are rare and Naturopathic physicians are knowledgeable regarding contraindications when [...]

Are the treatments and diagnostic tests scientifically based ?

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The overwhelming number of both the testing and therapies used in our Center have been scientifically validated, with years of excellent data and documentation. The natural treatments of many diseases have a millennium-long process of good clinical observations worldwide and now repeated with scientific methodologies. The Chinese have 5000 years of this approach with amazing [...]

Is your information confidentail ?

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We take your desire to have confidential conversations that allow us to fully appreciate your desires and health condition very seriously. Although we do use an electronic medical record to maintain your chart information we only release information when you give us permission or are court ordered. We maintain strict HIPPA (the government regulations) compliance [...]

Why the conciegere format ?

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Concierge medicine is really a new term for what Naturopathic medicine has been practicing for centuries. It’s based on the premise that each patient is unique and needs to be treated well…… uniquely. With the advent of current “evidenced based” medicine and cost-effectiveness as the key principles, we are quickly moving in the opposite direction. [...]

Do you accept insurance for payment ?

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One of the most asked questions involves insurance. Most patients are unfamiliar with the back office of a practice and without going into detail, medicine has become a very secretarial/coding labor intensive affair, far in excess of what should be needed or even makes sense. The insurance companies are the predominant player in determining the [...]