Testosterone, estradiol levels could help predict sudden cardiac arrest

Commentary by Dr. Kadish:

Testosterone and in general hormone evaluations have never been mainstream. Now we have another clear study why it can more than impact your sex life….. but…. keep you breathing.

It’s been only a few years since the winds of addressing both male and female hormone declines has become “acceptable” by conventional medicine. In this study we see another clear indication where it not only makes sense but might save your life.  With the new methods of being able to assess your risk factors, i.e.. using the 6th generation lipid and hormone tests, we can effectively also reduce your risk radically. 


The recent decline in the cost of  hormone testing should make this a regular and very appropriate  intervention that will potentially add years of quality to your life.

At the Center, we have been using an integrated  hormone approach to effectively address not only your risk but your quality of life.Clearly hormone balance is a critical piece in the ability to maintain a lower biological age as time moves forward.

Natural hormone therapy is an easy to integrate and cost effective means of feeling better.

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September 4, 2014


Assessing sex hormone levels could help identify people who are at an increased risk for sudden cardiac arrest, according to research published in Heart Rhythm.