Preventive health care:

Preventive health care as the name implies is just that….. your principle approach to your health care needs for the long haul. This is a comprehensive look at far more than your diet or how you live but rather includes all aspect of your life.

Our approach to preventive care includes the complete view of how your body and mind are functioning. We will assess your functionality on an ongoing basis and chart a course that maintains or increases your capabilities.

As we move through the years there are many metabolic changes that will inevitably take place. Most of the changes can be subtle and minor at best.

You don’t need to allow time to diminish or greatly modify your life activities. The science of anti-aging, preventive medicine is now a 30+ year endeavor that has shown remarkable opportunities to keep us at our best. We use a comprehensive arsenal of tools that include focused lifestyle modification, bio-identical hormones, supplements and topical agents, to name a few.

One of the concepts that you should consider when we talk about preventive care is that regardless of your current age, you can benefit from an assessment. One of the criteria is knowing your biological age vs your chronological age. This can become a speedometer of your aging process and be impacted by many simple interventions.

Have you ever wondered if your brain is working at it’s fullest capacity ? We can, with scientific accuracy, get a good indication of your current function. The testing is via a computer and can be thought of as game like. It takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour but will give you insight into how you’re doing upstairs.

This test can serve as a baseline and then with subsequent testing we would be able to tell if you’re experiencing changes. Or we might want to maximize your already well functioning brain. A whole science has evolved using both certain forms of  technologies and supplements/medications that can accurately increase your memory, clarity and other aspects of your cognitive abilities.

At the Center, we use the newest technologies to bring you the education and scientific information you need to know to determine “how you’re doing”, on an ongoing basis.

Our electronic medical records system allows you to have secure access to your medical information, at all times. One of our newest technologies is the graphing and updating following your laboratory results,  along with visits to your aging index form to name a few…

We look forward to providing you with “a younger you”. Please ask for more details of this exciting program. Call us at 541.773.3191

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