A serving of plastics, with my bottled water please ….

Have you ever wondered where does all the plastics go ?

by Dr. Alan Kadish NMD

The world is awash with plastics, thing of your plastic bottled water. Go to many beaches throughout the world and the place is a plastic dump site and no you can’t go swimming. Have you see the pictures of the various fish in contorted formats caught in plastic ?

One of the great considerations when you think of plastics is there amazing varieties of usages. From food to transportation from your  computer to your desk and more.Not surprisingly the plastic is now commonly found in our water supply. Really !!!  A group at the State University of New York, at Redonia , did a study checking the contents of water bottles from 11 brands from 9 countries. They found that 93% of the bottles had some micro plastic contamination.. 

But one of the largest and most concerning issues is there lack of biodegradability. The plastic will hang around  generally for many centuries. Now most plastic will degrade into smaller parts over time due to primarily  to the effect of sunlight, along with wave and abrasion with other particles. But wait….this many indeed be one of the major concerns. As the plastic becomes a smaller particle, from the macro to the micro to the nano scale it has a higher likelihood that it will enter our GI system and become transported into our bodies.  Have you considered that your order of fish includes plastic particles ?

Plastic exposures are not benign. We  have large bodies of scientific published knowledge that certain plastics create endocrine disruption are potential carcinogens and a host of other health related problems from the exposure to plastics at the macro scale, outside of our bodies.

Next time your tempted to drink from a plastic water bottle consider that it’s probably more than water that your ingesting. Oh don’t think the tap water is totally safe either. The same team at Redonia State found that 1/2 of the water sampled from a municipal supply also continued plastics. If there was good news it was, “We found roughly twice as many plastic particles (>100 um) within bottled water as compared to tap water on average (10.4 vs. 5.45 particles/L).” This was not a single test of tap water. An earlier study was also conducted with a findings of; “Our exclusive research found 83 percent of the tap water samples from 14 countries are contaminated with microscopic plastic fibers,”.

Action Steps:

Don’t buy bottled water

Get a high quality R/O filter for your home or apartment.

Always use filtered water for cooking

Minimize your use of plastics…. see this site for hints/tips:  Green Education Foundation

       The question is not if theres plastic in your water….. just how much……

       Do you drink these brands ?

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Alan Kadish

Dr. Kadish is an unusual physician often referred to as a “doctor detective”. His expertise is the evaluation and treatment of complex disorders, typically after other physicians and clinics have been stumped, is renowned. He provides care for all family members and has additional training in autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and chronic complex diseases (focused on autoimmune and neurological conditions). If your wanting or needing some answers for your health issues call us at the Center of Health, 541.773.3191 .
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