Pediatric Medicine:

At our pediatric clinic we emphasis the well-being of all children.  Their developing systems demand a very careful and considered approach, as we are influencing someone for a lifetime. We take a measured scientific  focus to achieve their optimal long term health with an emphasis on natural and low risk treatments. This approach can include diet to medications from lifestyle changes to supplements or a host of other options. 

Dr. Kadish has a 35+ year history of treating children.  He uses the “test don’t guess” approach and evaluates all patients with a personalized approach, recognizing their individualities and the parents desires. This allows us to selectively focus our evaluation and treatments on the most effective areas of concern. 

A Comprehensive look:

We address the full spectrum of health concerns from genetics to disturbed biochemistry. The newest medical findings have been  consistently showing  that the majority of our patients  may be suffering from a number of biochemical difficulties including, immune, gastrointestinal and neurological challenges. From tainted water (lead) to fireproofing agents affecting hormones, we take a broad view of looking at the whole person.

The good news is that many health challenges can be addressed, principally without drugs and successfully changed, with significant positive results in the majority of patients.

We invite you to read our blog section on the newest findings in pediatrics. The treatments tend to be high reward with limited risks. Because of the absolute need to give our children an opportunity to achieve their highest life long potentials, we see this path time and again change whole families for the better.

The Full Family History:

Dr. Kadish evaluates the newest medical findings that are scientifically validated to maximize your treatment options. One consideration is what’s called  transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. This means the influences you and your parents life experiences (exposures) have had on your child’s chemistry. Amazingly there is now excellent data detailing three generations of influence between our grandparents to our children.

We use a long family history form and questions to develop more insight into how your child’s epigenetic expression influences their health. This simply means their genes expressions are influenced from your exposures. Often times we find answers and solid treatment options with this information.

Both Traditional and Conventional approaches:

By using a blend of both the newest technologies and techniques, coupled with common sense and well proven medical approaches we maximize positive health outcomes. Dr. Kadish’s experience and consistent reading of the newest medical literature allows for a time and cost-efficient evaluation. This means we have the ability to start patients on the road to recovery quickly.

A distinction with our practice is the blending of both the conventional and traditional approaches for both diagnostics and therapeutics. We are firm that eating well  is a foundation for both great health and prevention. When you couple good fuel (good food) with a proper lifestyle your kids will prosper. We avoid  heavy handed prescriptions when possible and offer a number of options for most medical needs.  

There are many proven consistent findings in treating children and adolescents and it never fails to amaze both the parents, our staff and physicians how often significant positive changes can be achieved. This is one of those exciting evolving medical fields where staying current counts.  

At the Center, we can arrange to review your child’s/adolescent’s records and meet with you either via telemedicine (Skype/Zoom) or in person, to conduct the necessary interview and examination to develop a plan of action.

It’s time to optimize your child’s heath !

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