Our Store: Products and Lab


As a service to our patients, we established a relationship with an online store to make your purchases of quality products an easy and cost effective process.

To purchase an array of products we partnered with an e-commerce group devoted to only carrying quality physician level supplements. Natural Partners is an excellent service well worth trying for your next purchase. By entering the  practice name , Center of Health and our code (97330) once, you receive a discount on all the products offered, every the time you order. 

We specifically chose to work with these Natural Partners as they have the physicians lines and carry the manufacturers that we know, trust and VERIFY. 

The quality of products within the supplement industry vary widely and not all of the lines are up to our standards.  There are two principal levels of products within the industry. There are those who do the minimum level of quality control (QC) known as good manufacturing practice (GMP) , at the supplement level and those who choose to go to the much more exacting approach of GMP at the pharmaceutical level.

There are major differences between these two levels, however, both are legally acceptable for the sale of a product to the public. For a much more extensive discussion of the differences please go to our page at, discussing supplements.

We have more than one point of access so that we can accommodate your specific needs. Between the Natural Partners and our direct with manufacturers, we have access to over 20,000 items. You will be pleasantly surprised with the selections available online, including cosmetics and other choice food items.

Natural Partners has an extensive offering of the majority of the quality products we want you to use in your health care. They tend to be the larger of the two online stores and generally our first, go to source.
Natural Partners signin 

Click on this link for Natural Partners to set up your account.  “Patient Sign Up” is located on the left of the screen.

Enter our code: 97330 which will allow you access to discounted retail pricing, for all of your orders. You will be prompted with directions to get started with your own account.

When we discuss and prescribe your supplements we will let you know where you can order and also we can place the products into your favorite lists on their sites to make your process seamless.

Happy shopping……. knowing only the best quality brands are available, at a discount.

PS: Unlike the Amazon supplement issues where counterfeit products were sold, Natural Partners is vigilant.

Laboratory Testing:

For laboratory services we found an aggregator who has negotiated amazing rates for laboratory services provided by Quest Diagnostics. You can take advantage of our discounted rate and have a draw station appointment in most cities. When appropriate a test kit can be sent to you directly.

Typically we will arrange for specific tests, based on your needs and situation.  Ultralab will then contact you directly for payment and generate your lab orders. As an alternative you can go to their site at: Ultralabtests and get both pricing and additional information.

We also use a broad array of other laboratories for genetic, environmental and other testing. Please feel free to ask as the newest methods of collection, including urine and saliva based testing has proved to be much more accurate for hormone testing. 

Other Items:

During the years it’s become obvious that most of our patients also need access to other supplies. From natural beds and bedding to cleaning supplies. There are now a number of excellent sources for these products. (no I don’t mean Amazon).  Please ask us for some direction and links.