New Equipment at the Center of Health is a constant and ongoing process devoted to finding the best solutions to your healthcare.

We test and utilize many new devices on an ongoing basis bring our patients better means of both assessment and treatment. Dr. Kadish has been very active in both design and consultation for many firms, both nationally and  internationally which has afforded the Center the luxury of having many new and innovative products available to our patients, years before most other facilities.

Below is a short list of some of the newer products that we have been integrating into our care, for our patients. Please note that this is an ongoing process and we urge you to check back regularly for the newest well researched scientific product updates.


Sonet Sound Masking System


Speech privacy has always been a challenge especially at the front desk where people congregate and converse about private issues. Because the area is physically open to the public, in the majority of offices, privacy is obviously problematic. The Sonet QT system is a self contained assembly of speakers and drivers that “masks” intruding conversations, by raising the background sound level. The small devices are discrete and we look forward to your feedback.


HINT Testing, Hearing in Noise Technology


The HINT system is the latest technology to allow us to accurately evaluate your real hearing capabilities. One of the most frustrating aspects of hearing loss is the inability to clearly engage in conversation when background noise prevents the clear understanding of the spoken word. How many times have you found it necessary to ask a question multiple times due to the effects of noise ? Consider the average restaurant or other public environment where noise is endemic. By going to the next step in hearing evaluation the HINT system allows for a competent comprehensive evaluation of your real ability to hear and comprehend speech. The system is fully computerized and takes a short time to perform the hearing test. Unlike many other testing techniques, spoken sentences are used, not just tones. With the newly documented herbal/vitamin combinations showing positive changes in one’s hearing, why not take advantage of a great opportunity to make certain that your valuable sense of hearing is not in decline ?


Arterial Doppler: Checking your arteries non-invasively 

Our 5 and 3 MHz Doppler ultrasound will painlessly evaluate and indicate if your arteries are clogged. It’s estimated that one in four American adults have some degree of arterial or venous disease. Curiously 4 out of 5 patients ,with clogged arteries, are symptom free.
The level of obstruction in your leg vessels directly relates to your heart vessels. Those at risk for having an obstruction include patients who are:

Sixty years or older
A Smoker
A Diabetic
Having High Cholesterol
Having High Blood Pressure
Inactive patients
Or Having A Family History of heart attacks or strokes

Symptoms of arterial occlusive disease can include: pain, numbness or tingling in the toes and or fingers, swelling, sores that do not heal, limited walking or activity due to pain in the legs, or dizziness.

If you have one or more of the above risks, why not find out now if your longevity is being threatened ? Call us to schedule an exam.


Cardiocheck: Single lead EKG

The Cardiocheck is a simple hand held device, that we have been testing for a number of months. It accurately presents two important electrical findings, in approximately 10 seconds, along with your pulse. This simple monitor is now being used routinely to detect any electrical heart irregularities, as a no cost screening for all our patients. To date it has helped identify a number of patients unaware of their irregular heart rhythms.


Cognometer ™: Insight into your brain function

The Cognometer™ is a well researched clinical tool for the evaluation of your memory, computing power and clarity of your thinking abilities. By playing game like sessions, the Cognometer™ can accurately evaluate your current and changing mind function. This is an excellent instrument to give you insight into your current status and to evaluate any changes with life style and/or medications. How many times have you wondered if you are feeling “sharper” or otherwise ? Consider this comfortable private testing anytime you have doubts regarding your mental abilities. Currently we are in the process of evaluating individuals who have any member of their family experiencing Alzheimer’s or other mental function diseases. This will give them a good idea if they too are at risk. In Texas the Cognometer is being used to evaluate ADD and ADHD youngsters with amazing accuracy.


CardioVision™: Non-invasive Arterial Evaluation


The CardioVision™ device allows our office to perform a 10 minute evaluation of your vessels flexibility which is reflective of both aging and the effects of arteriosclerosis. It’s similar to taking your blood pressure but determines the flexibility of your vessels with the waveforms created, by the differences in pressures measured by the device. Additionally, irregularities of the heart beat are also recorded. The information is further correlated with the Framingham 10 year health risk information database. The Center of Health’s™ current limited study of our in clinic results, suggests a very high correlation accurately, in the evaluation of arteriosclerosis. This new insight into your heart and vessels can give you an accurate evaluation of your cardiac health and risks, noninvasively and with minimal cost. A recent study in Geriatrics and Gerontology International found the technology accurate for older individuals.





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Dr. Kadish is an unusual physician often referred to as a "doctor detective". His expertise is the evaluation and treatment of complex disorders, typically after other physicians have been stumped, is renowned. He provides care for all family members and has additional training in autistic spectrum disorders and chronic complex diseases.