Female Medicine:

Female medicine is a significant and critical focus of our practice.

The main caregiver of families tends to be a female who has the added responsibilities which often times involves her professional life as well.  Typically you bear the majority of responsibility for the family members, from the oldest to the youngest and often you attend to the older generations needs as well.

This leads to the requirment for extra care and maintenance to achieve and maintain your maximal health.

We offer GYN exams to Fertility Treatment

There is a substantial stress associated with the daily, long-term commitment of caring for a family. This makes a significant impact on your health that can and should be addressed, with good consistent focused medical care.

We offer a complete compliment of female-specific care evaluation and treatments. This includes gynecological examination, bio-identical hormone therapy, birth control and fertility consultations.  


Additionally, we also want you to know that we can address your aesthetic concerns,  including facial non-surgical means of decreasing wrinkles, lines, and blemishes. Please ask us about the excellent results seen by using natural products internally and growth factors, derived from your blood, with a specific combination of  PRP and gentle needling techniques. This natural and almost discomfort free treatment only takes a few hours and can last for years. Most patients can see the positive difference, after only a few weeks.

At the  Center we started using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments for our patients since 2008 and continue to see our patients experience, less wrinkling and a generalized healthy facial glow.

One difference in our treatment techniques is the use the FDA approved PRP Harvest products (now owned by Terumo)  which concentrate the PRP to ~4x that of other methods. Although it may cost a few dollars more the difference is obvious. If you shopping for this form of treatment don’t settle for the cheap approach, with uses non-FDA approved procedures and products only intended for laboratory, not patient use.


As our population ages, we keep up to date on the latest findings to assure your safe, comfortable transition through the years. It’s interesting to note that by maintaining your hormone levels you decrease your cancer risks and also increase your whole bodies functionality. There is no excuse to feel less than optimal.

At the Center we offer a host of opportunities to address potential disorders and aging with a preventive approach, using both conventional and alternative options. There is a wide variety of choices to impact the majority of the issues experienced by our female patients. One of the unique aspects of working with us is our resolve and training to continue to learn and incorporate the newest findings and techniques in the field, not just a repeat of what was taught years ago. 

We look forward to changing your expectation of how good you can feel and look, regardless of your chronological age. 


For may years  we have been leading people towards a more fertile experience. We utilize a full course of fertility evaluations and treatments. Regardless if your considering IVF or you prefer to improve your  chances of a natural conception, we can give assist you in understanding your health challenges and maximizing your success.

A new book detailing what you need to know to evaluate and maximize your fertility is forthcoming from Dr. Kadish in late 2019.