Environmental  Medicine

Environmental  medicine is the study and treatment, as the name implies, of our environment and its effect on your body, mind, and spirit.  When we discuss the health aspects of one’s environment the conversation will include not only your obvious chemical exposures but those that are hidden to the “how do you feel” in a space.

A word about the complexity is in order. First your ability to impact your environment is really strong for everyone. It may feel like an overwhelming amount of information and change but consistently we find that the small steps make large impactful strides towards a more healthy body and mind. When reading the rest of this page keep that perspective and let’s get your health back on track.

I always wondered why others could not smell what I experienced. The environmental movement was in it’s infancy back  in the 1980’s and the EPA and other federal agencies were turning a blind eye to  what most chemists and scientists knew. Toxins in all forms are cumulatively, and this is one of the key concepts,  affect us all.

When the opportunity became available, in 1990 my brother and I constructed a healthy home. Using my chemistry, engineering and medical background it became obvious that this was a much overlooked area of medicine as many of my patients were poisoning themselves regularly, at both their home and worksite. With simple instructions and their willingness to engage in change we saw amazing disorders both decrease in intensity and often time they fully recovered.

Following the residential construction of a number of homes,  Dr. Kadish went into the commercial construction of a non-toxic medical office. The sourcing to the applications along with the final product became a safe haven for many patients who were considered “sensitive” and suffered from the “undiagnosable” disorders.


Your Personal Environmental Quotients, let’s call it your PEQ, is the total impact of your environment on your health. Let’s take a really impactful example.


Ever wonder why you don’t get a good night’s sleep ?

Consider the amount of time and exposure that takes place in your bedroom. If you sleep anywhere from 7-9 hours per day, it’s easy to see that 1/3 of your life exposure is right there.

Your face is next to a pillow made of ??? If it’s an artificial foam product there are a number of easily identifiable products, including formaldehyde, off gassing into your system for hours per day. Is the mattress made of similar products ?

How about the electronics including the house wiring and your assembly of screen products from a phone to your tablets or more. They all emit what is measured as EMF’s, an electromagnetic field that can impact the body by reducing your ability to have a robust immune system, as one example.

Let’s also consider your clothing. Did you realize that cotton is the most pesticided fabric on the planet ? Or perhaps you have some of your cloth dry cleaned. They too are outgassing nasty chemicals. Let’s not believe that all the so called “cleaning” methods are actually safe for either you or the workers.


How about your bathroom. If your using “fragranced” products we have lot’s to discuss, especially regarding it’s impact on your hormonal health. Consider the many products that we apply to our body. From the shampoo to the conditioners from the body lotions and more. Our skin is a porous surface that brings the products ingredients into your circulation.

How we “clean” this area is another of the many considerations that rarely get addressed. Think of the products below the sink. Which point out that they should be used only with adequate ventilation. For a manufacturer to have to point this out speaks volumes.


Ever wonder why when you vacuum there’s always some amount of dust and debris brewing about and filling the bag ? Our clothing is breaking down, the rugs and furniture are doing the same as we walk across the surface and let’s not forget the amount of dirt and bacteria being transferred from our shoes to the inside of our homes daily.

We shed quite a bit of hair and skin cells, daily and don’t forget the pets. Then add the pollution from normal outside activates and with a fire or construction or vocational additions it’s a lot of stuff. For those of you who are even remotely sensitive the small additions will add up to an unsustainable body burden. What happens… your health takes a negative hit.


How often do you use your hood above the stove. Keep in mind that I’m assuming that it bring air from the kitchen to the outside and is not a recirculating assembly. Every time you cook regardless of whether or not you cook on gas, electric stove some of your food gets airborne. Look up and note the staining on the ceiling and you can see the oil and other materials that occur from cooking. When you’re in your kitchen are you breathing in these irritants ? Or how about the plastics and other containers that may be migrating into your food ? These and a host of minimal changes can make a big impact on your health.


Finally the work’s out on BPA but did you know that the industry often times just substituted a more toxic material to line our cans, BPS and BPF ? Or are you ingesting the now well established hyper-processed foods that are on every shelf, including those in the “health” stores. Or perhaps your veggie and fruit intake is not up to par…. Food and the environment are intimately coupled and essential components of our health.  As a “foodie” and nutritionally trained physician we can address this area of your PEQ, together.


When the body reaches its maximal level of tolerance it starts to no longer give you the amount of energy or the ability to fight off infection or the clear mind that you might have had in the past. This syndrome is a constellation of negative changes are reflective of your exposures.

We have found that many seemingly simple changes to one’s lifestyle can impact your risk factors radically. It may only take a small change, that result in great responses for your health and return your PEQ to a much higher level of function.

At the Center we provide a comprehensive approach to your Personal Environmental Health. From the typical blood testing to an assessment, on site of your home and office, with accurate assessment tools to give you a means of pinpointing the issues.

We firmly believe that you will be one of our many patients who appreciate the in-depth educational understanding and interventions that become available when you’re fully aware of your health status and what to do to optimize your health.