You get what you spend……cheap medical care is like a pair of cheap shoes

by Dr. Alan Kadish 

Although the economy is quite different than a number of years ago we all realize that there is a substantial difference between cheap products or services vs those that have lasting value and were worth the investment.

I would contend that health care is no different.

As medicine becomes much more a vocational approach (cook book) and do it your self is the new mantra along with high deductibles, it’s not surprising to see Walmart jumping in with Walgreens to offer “urgent care” at $4.00 to $40.00 cash per visit. 

For some acute and non-emergent or chronic issues this might be the best money saving approach. But I’d like to suggest that the  potential for a poor long term outcome might be the devil in the details.

After 30+ year of reading medical records you can generally get a good read on the level of care and examination, along with the thought process of a practitioner. With the advent of electronic medical records it’s so much easier and time efficient to just copy someone elses assessment or make a snap judgement and move on quickly while meeting or exceeding the quota of patients per day you need to see.

I’d like to contend that good medical care takes time. Most patients are interested in some level of preventive care and utilization of current technologies. Let me say it again, good medicine takes time.

The initial history and a good examination can not be done in the typical 8-12 minutes encounter that is the average time allotted nationwide.  For any disorder requiring some level of good medical judgment ….assuming you’re interested in real care that prevents the recurrence or the continuance of the health concern, this is far less than the ideal timing.

Are all medical services priced according to their value, of course not. I recommend that patients seek out those providers who recognize that the signs and symptoms that they took the time to evaluate and are willing to address the preventive approach. This can easily lead to long term better health and quality of life potentials.

At the Center we take the time and make certain that you’re aware of your options. This typically results is a very cost and health effect outcome that pays dividends long after the visit. Call us for an appointment.

Walmart Urgent Care Clinics To have $4 Visits

Posted by doc2007  on July 14, 2014 – 08:11PM 

Updated Friday, Jun 27 at 2:51 PM

CARROLLTON — Associates, as employees are called at Walmart, can’t wait for the company’s famous “low low prices” to hit their healthcare.

Walmart is opening health clinics in Benbrook and Carrollton. The first such clinic opened in Copperas Cove, Texas in April. 

And the prices are rock bottom.

“So four dollars for our associates if they come for an office visit,” explained Senior Director Jennifer Laperre. “And $40 for our customers.”

With more than 1.3 million associates at Walmart nationwide, the retailer reportedly faces an estimated $330 million in added costs this year because more workers have signed up for insurance to comply with the federal Affordable Care Act.

Walmart officials believe they can save a lot of money with in-house clinics, which will be staffed by nurse practitioners.

“We are full primary care,” said Laperre. “We treat chronic, acute; we provide wellness and preventive services at the clinic.”

Walmart already offers $4 generic prescription drugs. The clinics are expected to set industry-leading prices on additional services, such as vaccines and lab tests, according to a press release. 

The two DFW stores opening soon are part of a larger pilot program that includes a dozen more Walmart clinic openings later this year. 

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Dr. Kadish is an unusual physician often referred to as a "doctor detective". His expertise is the evaluation and treatment of complex disorders, typically after other physicians have been stumped, is renowned. He provides care for all family members and has additional training in autistic spectrum disorders and chronic complex diseases.