Dirty School buses equal dumber kids…. time for a change !

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Diesel fumes are Poison, period ! by Dr. Alan Kadish NMD Ever wonder about the good old yellow school bus ? Are you kids safe, both in terms of their outright physical and physiological health riding on the bus ?   In 2019 the University of Georgia did a study comparing kids test scores, [...]

Artificial Sweetener found to be dangerous

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Sweetly poisoned by big business vs science by Dr. Alan Kadish NMD Food safety is a big deal, worldwide, period ! Recently two researchers from the University of Sussex looked into the 154 studies used by the European Food Safety Authority to determine the continued and so called "safe" use of aspartame, also known [...]

Chocolate & Cocoa with Lead and Cadmium, 3 options ?

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By Dr. Alan Kadish NMD Cocoa and Chocolate is a favorite among us all. It's cold outside and well hot cocoa is a winner across most ages. (And no the marshmallows are not part of the story.) Let's cut to the chase it's a big seller and a huge business. The last sales figures, [...]

Tobacco smoking impacts multiple generations

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Over the years there has been multiple researchers looking for connections between the impact of tobacco smoke and the next generations asthma, obesity and cognition rates.  by Dr. Alan Kadish NMD When you think of the still fairly ubiquitous nature of tobacco products and their direct health effects and costs, estimated at $300 billion, [...]

Is having your DNA tested a good idea ?

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What should you consider before doing a genetics test ? by Dr. Alan Kadish NMD The recent upsurge in both the availability and the lowered cost of genetic testing has opened up many potentials for patients. With this avalanche of various genetic testing companies the consumer has been left with a hard decision to [...]

New Report highlights toxin issues, still a big deal

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Why are we still purchasing toxins from retailers to fast food ?   by Dr. Alan Kadish NMD   There has and continues to be clear messages to retailers and manufacturers that using toxic products is not acceptable for their image, products, the environment and especially your family. So what changes have taken place [...]

Vitamin D and Schizophrenia

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Compelling link between vitamin D deficiency in newborns, ASD and Schizophrenia By Dr. Alan Kadish NMD There is an increasing awareness, sometimes perhaps a bit overzealous, regarding the need for Vitamin D. Recent studies have once again reminded us how important having at minimum an adequate amounts of this vitamin can result in a [...]

Are Vitamin D levels adequate ?

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What's the "correct" vitamin D dose ? by Dr. Alan Kadish NMD A recently published study concluded that there is no benefits from taking vitamin D and your bone health. This obviously flies in the face of what most patients have been told for years.  Their findings may hold some truth, but in a limited [...]

Chocolate everything your need to know

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Who doesn't like chocolate ? by Dr. Alan Kadish As the holiday season approaches I thought a quick overview of the state of chocolate would be in order. First the obvious there are two labeled chocolates, the real deal and milk chocolate, the fraud. Real chocolates contain cacao butter and not milk substitutes. The [...]

Germs, Flying & Airports, yech !

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Most Germ Ridden Place in the Airport by Dr. Alan Kadish NMD Don't forget to pack the hand sanitizer as your about to find out where the worst germ area of the traveling experience is located, and it's not where you think. Quick quiz: Where do you and every traveler [...]