Cardiometabolic medicine

Cardiometabolic medicine is the study and treatment of what is now known as the cardiometabolic syndrome. This syndrome is a constellation of negative changes seen in the cardiovascular system, your kidneys,  metabolic and prothrombotic functions, along with inflammation abnormalities.

In lay terms, cardiometabolic syndrome means what happens when your blood sugar is elevated and your plumbing gets affected, along with your heart and your internal chemistry.

Have you seen the many articles publish over the course of the last 15 plus years yelling for physicians to expand their view of cardiovascular disorders to include: inflammation, viscosity issues, genetic predisposition and a host of other indicators including the very important glucose levels ?

The cardiovascular and metabolic changes, both when considered individually and interdependently, lead to a substantial increase in your cardiovascular disease risk which results in making the cardiometabolic syndrome an established and strong risk factor for premature and severe CV disease and stroke.

The cardiology aspect is far more than your heart muscles and electrical impulses. This elaborate means of circulating our blood relies on a multitude of chemical transformations that are rarely appreciated, until something goes wrong.

Medicines overwhelming emphasis on cholesterol and not on the genetic and chemical aspects of vessel health have left us with a still growing population experiencing heart attacks and other vascular events that should not be as prevalent.

Proper blood testing:

There is a large body of evidence that clearly indicates that the use of the 5th generation of lipid (fat) testing is where we should be and not using the “old time standard cholesterol test”. Most insurance companies cover the expense and more importantly it actually predicts your risk for cardiovascular issues at ~ 85%. Not a bad bet considering that the standard cholesterol testing still offered daily is less than 50% accurate……food for thought. (The standard lipid panel is the combo of High density (HDL), Low density (LDL) fats and your triglycerides)

At the Center we provide a comprehensive approach to your cardiovascular health. From the blood testing to determine if indeed your at risk for the cardiometabolic syndrome to the EKG you’re able to accurately assess and take charge of your risk.

Simple changes leading to great outcomes:

We have found that many seemingly simple changes to one’s lifestyle can impact their risk factors radically. It may only take a small change, but with a result that shows great response. 

We firmly believe that you will be one of our many patients who appreciate the in depth educational understanding and interventions that become available when you’re fully aware of your health status.

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