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Dr. Alan Kadish NMD

20 steps to prepare for an Autism Spectrum Disorder appointment, with our physicians

Allergies… what to consider…before change

Artificial Sweeteners make your blood sugar response worse than sugar

Autism and Pesticides….no surprise

Chemicals used for water purification can lead to food allergies

The Candida Diet

The Doubling Cost of Diabetic Care

Dirty Filthy Cell Phones….yes yours !

Chelation Therapy …… no longer controversial

Chocolate positively impacts patients, with PAD

Concierge Medicine

Day care snacks lacking in nutritional value

Evening Blood Pressure ….new insights

Hormone dramatically increases insulin production, possible diabetes breakthrough

New study links lutein with eye health benefits

Losing sleep due to web surfing and e-reading at night ?

And you thought generic drugs meant less expensive ?

GMO’s in your babies infant formula

Gout …. high uric acid a serious consideration

Grapes activate genes responsible for antioxidant defense in the heart

Herbal…..Fraud Again

A Primer of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for ASD Parents

Insomnia ….. you are not without options

Benefits and Risks of Mammography

Milk a bad idea…

Metals and toxins that should concern us

Nutrition 101…it’s the fuel

Olive Oil and Air Pollution

Organic vs Non-orgainc food …more nutients and less pesticides

Osteoporosis, time for some different ideas:

Pet Health Benefits: Study Shows Dogs And Cats May Make Kids Healthier

Pregnancy, Vitamin C and Smoking

Safe flying ….. really

Sound and taste are very connected

Sugar and your health……

Consumers, Supplements and Confusion!

Going swimming this summer ?

New technologies at the Center

Testosterone and your risk of sudden death ?

Thyroid Myths and ….

Tomato juice your next best drink ?

Vitamin D in the news ….