Anti-Aging Medicine:

Perhaps the best way to discuss anti-aging medicine is to suggest it may be a misnomer……..yes you heard me correctly. The correct way to talk about the field is to suggest that we are reducing the amount of aging or even aging gracefully, with occasionally, real reversals toward younger function.

We are all going to encounter changes in our bodies, over a period of time. The key is to minimize the changes or even reverse some of the damage we all experience.

Think about your left arm and the amount of sunlight that it receives from driving. Lots more UV damage is inevitable. Don’t believe me….compare the skin on your arm to your bottom, which typically sees very limited exposure to sunlight. Not the same by any means. 

With the application of topical (skin-applied)  and internal supplements, you can actually regenerate a move youthful skin, even on your arm or elsewhere. This is but one obvious example. We use PRP and other techniques to address the wrinkles and age spots, that work. When we couple the treatments with changes in your lifestyle and may times it’s nothing less than miraculous the look and feel differences, that our patient’s experience.

Natural hormone replacement therapy has now proven to have over 2 decades of good data showing both results and safety. If your hormones are out of whack the body can’t function properly, period.  We have been engaged in using the bio-identical hormones (BHT) for over 30 years now. Our approach is to use proper testing and really dial in the necessary levels that make you feel great, not just to the numbers, but rather to your physiological needs.

What’s that mean ?? Everyone is different and as you’re aware all of our chemistry tests have ranges. For some, a slight amount of change is all that’s needed for others they need to be at the higher end to feel their best.

Notice that your energy is slightly or even significantly less than 10-20 years ago ? These are changes you don’t have to endure. Do you realize that we can now effectively and inexpensively test your mitochondria ? Those are the energy factories in each of your cells. Having the ability to do a cellular check up is huge. With this information we can specifically direct your treatment and not use a shotgun approach, which is typical in medicine.

When we evaluate your age we consider the biological age…where are your cells in terms of youthfulness. Turns out that there’s no lack of ways to get a sense of how’s your body functioning. Let’s expand on the conversation by including your brain. It’s gone along for the ride and may have also changed in ways that you’re less than happy to admit. Is

Is it permanent ??, not necessarily. A whole industry and area of brain chemistry , known as nootropics has been making changes in brain functions for decades. Might be appropriate to test your brains function, via a computerized evaluation and make some changes. The evaluation takes less than an hour and has statistical accuracy and best part….can lead us to making positive changes.

But let’s not stop there… what about the preventive aspects of knowing what might be part of your blueprint and changing the course of the expected outcome. We now have very affordable genetic testing and most importantly know what can be done to influence the expression of the genes. This is literally a game changer for many patients as it allows us to custom tailor a better way to work with your body. 

I trust we have your attention ? It’s time to not allow mother nature to merrily continue to age you prematurely. Let’s change your path and have a younger you.

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