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Concierge Medicine

Your own independent assessment physician at the Center of Health

As medical care transitions with mandatory insurance and mass care, and you find yourself a number among a line of others, you should consider a different model for your health care. Personalized attention without the distraction of either time constraints or what constitutes appropriate, from the perspective of your insurance company. To achieve an optimal quality of care three components are essential. Clearly the providers must have the most up-to-date information, current state-of-the-art equipment and the willingness as your medical team to get to know you and provide you the time and information needed to make great health care decisions.  This combination empowers you to move forward and know your supported in your quest towards optimal health. Read More…

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Medical Services

Selectively Focused Medicine

We offer a selection of services that will allow your family full access to quality medical care. Please see our listing of services by clicking read more below, for a comprehensive in depth discussion of each area of our focus. You will note that we are very much attentive to specific areas of medical care. We choose to concentrate on the medical disorders where we excel at supplying you with the means to evaluate, educate and treat with the highest level of service. Read More…

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On time services

Our hours are by appointment only. This way you know that you’re going to be greeted by our staff and physician, at a mutually convenient time. By respecting your time we can provide a much higher level of care, without interruption. We work diligently to not only be on time but to provide the necessary support services that make for a complete and satisfying medical experience. These services include arranging for educational materials, testing, medication and supplement ordering to name but a few. The intent is to maximize your response and support as you optimize your health. Our knowledgeable staff has the resources to positively change your experience of health care. Read More…


Mom’s “get it” years before the Harvard study on Fruits and Veggies

By |January 31st, 2016|

Mom’s rap on veggies and fruits cheaper and equally on the mark, with a Harvard study
by Dr. Alan Kadish NMD
It took a study of 124 thousand people, over a period of 24 years to […]

Anti-anxiety medications for Autism

By |January 14th, 2016|

Once again conventional medicine is based on treating symptoms, not causes. In the January Journal of Pediatrics autistic youngsters were placed on two doses of buspirone, an anti-anxiety agent, to decrease their repetitive and restrictive behaviours. No surprise that the effects were indeed to reduce these behaviours.

Apple Juice creating Asthma in 2-9 year olds

By |January 12th, 2016|

We feed our kids juices without thinking of the consequences. It's now found to be less favorable than previously thought and consuming just 5 drinks of apple juice per week, doubled the asthma rates. The Public Health study evaluated almost 2000 kids for 3 years. Before you consider changing to other soft drinks or fruit drinks, forget it. They were no better and created the same results of higher asthma rates.

Allergies and heart disease

By |January 11th, 2016|

The basic take home is that if your child or you have or are suffering from allergies you might want to use advanced means of checking your cholesterol levels and inflammation, along with keeping an eye on your blood pressure.

Stroke and Ambien

By |January 10th, 2016|

Stroke treatment made better by a sleeping medication
By: Dr. Alan Kadish NMD
Strokes occur at an alarming rate in the US,  800,000 victims per year. Unfortunately the limited treatments for this disorder are time sensitive. If […]

Mercury in any form is toxic

By |December 25th, 2015|

For years there has been the misconception the inorganic mercury was less toxic than the organic form, such as what we consume from eating fish. Now it's clear that the inorganic mercury, such as what's found in "silver" fillings also known as amalgam filling may indeed be more toxic.